Company Profile

Diamond Technology is an Egyptian startup in the field of technology and biotechnology, and the company offers the following activities

1) E-Marketing and setting up websites and platforms that provide advertising, e-marketing and distance learning services through electronic platforms.
2) Importing and exporting Biotech products and chemicals required for research laboratories, analytical laboratories, and marketing these preparations.
3) Import and export of all products required the preparations of clinics and hospitals.
4) Establishing and installing technology-related projects such as power generation and electricity projects from solar cells and windmills. Also, from other biological resources (bacteria and algae), such as generating methane gas from waste and sewage bacteria.
5) Importing and exporting electronic devices and spare parts required for power plants, and all electronic devices associated with the Renewables and nature's power generation technology projects.
6) Importing and exporting electronic devices and spare parts, such as telecommunications equipment and communications tower spare parts, and all electronic devices related to telecommunications technology projects  and retail marketing.

Our Business Details
Welcome to Diamond Technology! Our company details listed below: 
  • Company name: Diamond Technology                  
  • Arabic name:       دايموند تكنولوجى 
  • German name: Diamond Technologie UG 
  • Established date: 11.07.2019 Germany
  •                                  06.08.2020 Egypt
  • Address: 53 Eshrieny ST. 41522 Ismailia, Egypt 
  • Phone numbers: +20 1030571144 /+20 1028787104
  • Website URL:
  • Email address:

    The Company Basics
      The quality of our life influenced with the development of technology. Our company is working on optimizing the technology use for a better health and a clean environment. 
      Therefore, all projects of producing clean energies, better communications, maintaining health, professional and efficient education, and conserving our natural resources are welcome. The company will help in using the technological development in software and digital transforming in the fields of e-commerce, distance learning, scientific researches and data analysis. We encourage our partners to invest with us for these fields in the area of Middle East. As this area is fast growing, the investments in technological aspects are also in rapidly increasing. The natural resources of this area are also the best to achieve our goals. For example, the sunny areas of Egypt and Gulf are ideal for the energy production through the solar cells. The coasts are best places for windmills. For example, the sunny regions of Egypt and the Gulf are ideal for producing energy through solar cells. Coasts are the best places for windmills. Another example, pure sand in Egypt is one of the best sources of silicon needed for semiconductor electronics and for the production of transformers and digital boards, which are the basis of computers, cell phones and all electronic devices, etc.  

      If you own a producing company for based-technological and biotechnological products, and forward increasing your market share, our platforms are the solution. Diamond Technology offers Diatech store ( for worldwide online shopping and Egdiatech ( for retailing of the techno-products at the Arabian countries.

      For our partners, we are doing as well a market research and we will provide you with all potential information that help you to achieve your target, for example, you will get a report with all statistical outputs for  the potential customers/areas and all required data to prospect the future of your products. If you are planning well, but you are not satisfied with your sales, here Diamond Technology is your best way to achieve a better sales performance. Through our online platforms and through our statistical analysis for your sales, you will get best market share.

      For the educational institutions, instructors, and teachers, we offer the designing of the educational platforms, educational websites and all required applications that serve the distance learning through online courses and webinars. We host as well the online courses on our educational platform Diacaplat (https://www.  

      Diamond technology offers a web hosting and web designing services as well for a wide range of customers. For hospitals and clinics, we support you and your patients with your professional website required for booking the appointments and sharing the experiences of treatment and history of diseases.